Stronk Coffee Logo LED Diodak Brand light

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Proudly show your love for Stronk by collecting this awesome custom LED logo light by Dodiak Ghost Guitars!

This display comes with a remote to change the Led into 13 different colors.

The remote has different options like Strobe,Flash and Smooth.
USB cable is included to power it up with your PC/Laptop or connect it to your phone adapter.

Comes in 2 sizes! 

Height: 9.6"

Height: 12.8"


About the creator Diodak Ghost Guitars/Shredleds


Roger Diodak was born in the Netherlands, growing up with comics and guitars.
As a designing artist and guitar player, melting these 2 worlds together was inevitable .
"I love playing guitar and although I will never come even close to my heroes, it suits my soul and I love the creative part of it. Seeing my creations slowly come to life and light up is very satisfying. Seeing them live on stage on top of the amp with Steve Vai made me fill with pride." ~Roger Diodak, Founder